A Management and Administration System for Warehouses


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Ad-Alma, a tool for managing all types of warehouses, and with it, at any moment, you will have control over all information about entrances and exits.

The program includes everything you need for this management and organization. Using system tables you may control the stock of products, the portfolio of customers or suppliers to name just a few options.

It is also possible to control all purchase orders, warehouse entrances and exits,inventory and kardex for each item so that you may check the item's entrances and exits until they arrive at their determined warehouse.

The program includes a handy wizard to generate purchase orders and it allows and include photos and bar codes to identify them correctly.

Thus, you have total control of one or more warehouses. Depending on the size of your business, Ad-Alma could be a very useful tool.

The Trial Version is limited 15 day period and the use of nine articles, providors, purchase orders,and entrances and exits.

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